A quasi-eldrich abomination that inspires fear in even the Great Dragons.

Physical TraitsEdit

"Vlad Black" - The Lifedrinker
Age: Upwards of 1500, looks to be in fifties.
Height: Well Below Average
Eye Color: Red
Skin Tone: Olive
Hair Color: Black and graying


From the Perspective of The Stormhand.

I am not to engage this one, only locate him and summon The Voice of the North Storm. My ancestor believes that he is well beyond my power, and I am inclined to trust her after learning of this monster.

He is a genius, well over 300 years old. His body is capable of superhuman feats of strength and agility, and he is capable of draining the life-force of those who have been injured significantly. He has influenced the mythologies of the world, particularly blood or life-force drinking monsters. I believe he also worked in "weaknesses" to trip up the foolish. There is no "wooden stake" or "Holy Water" solution to his power.

I do not know where he is, but only that I must be constantly vigilant for his arrival. I carry much life-force within myself, due to my Draconic Heritage, and as such I would be like a buffet to the Lifedrinker.


From the Perspective of The Stormhand.

Suspected and known abilities of The Lifedrinker are:

Chi AugmentationEdit

The Lifedrinker can turn his excess life-force into raw fuel for his body, shifting him into the picture of human health in seconds, and then beyond human ability. Fortunately, there is a weakness to this technique. If he drains his life-force reserves, he will revert back to his mortal frame, or be forced to burn his lifespan to maintain his enhanced state. If I get in a fight with him, I will be forced to wear him down rather than go in for a quick kill, lest the hunter become the hunted.

Life Force AbsorbtionEdit

Those close to death loose their grip on their life-force. This loose life-force is a meal to creatures such as the Lifedrinker, who know the darkest of magics. The raw life-force becomes fuel for his power's fire, and in the case of the Dragonblooded... he also gains a portion of our magic. Not much, but enough to expect him to be able to do several quick bursts of Dragon Magic in a fight.
Additionally, he is capable of "Skimming off" those close to death, and then potentially saving their life so that they can re-grow their life force. He has done such before, particularly in the 1800s. Fortunately, keeping a person in a constant cycle of near-death and recovery is expensive, and replacements aren't as readily available to him today as they were two hundred years ago.


From the Perspective of The Stormhand.

I don't know for sure. Other than his eye, skin, and hair color he changes every time he devours a Dragonblooded, using most of its magic to fuel a quick burst of shape shifting.

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