A Mortal Sorceress with a tallent for smoke and mirrors who The Stormhand was assigned to hunt down and capture so that she could be properly trained in the use of magic. Unlike most Rogue Magic Users, she only used her power for property crime, rather than the more serious violations of mortal and immortal law that such practicioners of magic are known for.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Minerva White - Smokeout
Age:25 EscapistSu…
Height: Below Average
Eye Color: Smoke
Skin Tone: Smoke
Hair Color: Smoke


Written from the perspective of The Stormhand.

My ancestor tells me that this... Minerva White was taught sorcery by one of her own foes, but her apprenticeship was cut short by a mortal assassin with an immunity to magic. Minerva White calls herself Smokeout, and has resorted to burglary, aided by her unique skills at sorcery, to survive. I have been instructed to capture her alive, and bring her to my ancestor to be given to a proper instructor so that she may be trained. I suspect she shall be good prey indeed.


Minerva White is a rather lightly trained sorceress, however she has taken the two forms of magic she knows and has RUN with them.

Written from the perspective of The Stormhand.

Smoke MimicryEdit

Smokeout is skilled at self-transfiguration and controlling her altered form. She is able to literally become smoke, rendering her impossible for mortal authorities to capture and contain. Fortunately, my magic may be ideally suited for containing her, as smoke must bend to the winds.

Catoptric Teleportation

Smokeout also posesses a power that shall no doubt give me headaches in the future... the ability to utilize mirrors as doorways through space, although fortunately not through time. I have no idea how to counter this, and must make a point of keeping her contained once captured.
My ancestor informs me that Smokeout's power is still limited to a degree, in that she has great difficulty in using small mirrors as gateways. If she is incapable of passing through a mirror, she is incapable of traveling through it at all. However, she is likely able to use mirrors for scrying. I must be cautious with prey like this.


The mortal police have photographs, wanted photos, of the illusive burglar. I have also searched the internet with the aid of Doctor Google for photos of my prey. She appears young, twenty-five maybe, and tends to wear a dark gray robe, open in the front, over gray denim jeans and a white shirt. Her hair, skin, and eye colors appear to be slightly inhuman as well, likely due to her liberal use of magic to transform herself into smoke.

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