Welcome to the EscapistSupers Wiki

Welcome fellow Forumites, to the Escapist Heroes and Villains Wiki. Here we can encode the numerous heroes and villains we create with the rules at the other side of the link below. This will also serve as something of a character sheet and archive for any RP we might choose to set up.


Here are the ground rules:

1.Don't mess with someone else's character, unless it is to create its page.

2.Just ignore any Overpowered Powers you roll up, and roll again. This is hypothetically for a RP. We don't need GODMAN sitting ominously on his throne, wiping out evil by raising his eyebrow at it.

That's all for now. I may add more if any problems pop up.

Just in case you need a example of a way to set up your character pages, here is my current hero's example page: The Stormhand

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