This page describes a character made by the escapist member Barbzilla named... wait for it... Barbzilla.  Well creativity aside, it was decided that it would be best to have a wiki of character Bios so here it is!

Barbzilla The Scandanavian VoidEdit

Name: Gunnar (Barbzilla) Alfsson
Sex: Male
Ht: 6'3" (192cm)
Wt: 286lbs (127kg)
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue
Age: 31

Description and PowersEdit

Visual Description:
Barbzilla (or Barb as many call him) is a rather large fellow. The type of large fellow that you wouldn't want to meet by accident in a dark ally. While he is very muscular, he isn't terribly bulky, nor is he ripped. He has a small layer of fat surrounding his muscle to help him deal with the temperatures in his native homeland of Scandinavia, though you wouldn't call him fat by any means. He is light skinned, but tends to keep a light tan as an after effect of his martial arts practice (he practices outside in little clothing to help build temperature resistance). He has a large scar on his left forearm from his axe. He believes one should never wield an axe without drawing blood, so anytime he practices with it he will cut his arm. Over time this has led to a rather vivid scar. His eyes have a very haunted look to them as the weight of the deaths he caused burdens him. He keeps his hair long and natural, and it tends to make him look a bit wild.

Barb likes to wear minimal clothing most of the time, but when he is on a job he wears his armor. He has designed a set of armor using his most current iteration of his special alloy. His armor consists of a light weight metal with similar properties to adamantium (this metal will be described in further detail later, as will the design of the armor). He has colored it a matte black, but carries powdered paint in case he ever needs to change it). The armor is very simple in design and doesn't have a lot of improbable looking angles to make him look cool. In fact it looks kind of silly when viewed properly. The general shape is like a concave square (designed this way because it is easier to deflect than to absorb blows).

His helmet is shaped somewhat similar to a knight's helmet, though with a much more modern look (and some modern gadgets). Once again the color tends to be a matte black, but he does carry the powdered paint for special occasions. The eyes of the helmet are recessed and dark, but depending on what type of vision he has active can faintly glow with different colors. This almost gives the effect of a haunted suit of armor.

Gunnar is a fairly pleasant fellow by most accounts. He tries to remain calm at all times and keeps him emotions in check. He does tend to seem a bit depressed due to his history, but he tries to keep it from burdening others. He doesn't have a lot of interaction with other people though, so he may be a bit awkward at times. He will try to make light of the awkwardness though in an attempt to turn his discomfort into humor.

Barbzilla (the persona he projects for work) is hard as a diamond and all about business. When on a job his only concern is for his mark. Anything else is just in his way. He isn't actually cold hearted, but he may seem that way at times.

Gunnar grew up in Scandinavia as a blacksmith's adopted child (and apprentice). His adopted father treated him fairly, but punished missteps with a heavy hand. This encouraged Gunnar to excel at everything he did to avoid punishment. Gunnar's adopted mother on the other hand was very loving and ensured that Gunnar had a strong understanding of how to treat other people. Since his father never allowed him to play with mock weapons or at mock warfare, Gunner had an unnatural fascination with them. At 9 years old Gunnar would sneak away a couple of days a week for martial arts classes, despite the punishment he would receive for skipping his chores. This continued till his early teen years until one day Gunnar witnessed his master be struck down with an exquisitely ornate war axe.

Gunnar decided that he would redouble his efforts as a blacksmith apprentice to craft a weapon to match his master's killer so that he could go after him. By the time Gunnar was 14 (a man by his village's standards) Gunnar crafted his first real war axe. He then set out to slay his master's killer, unfortunately the killer was not there when he attacked. Instead Gunnar slew the killer's brother when he tried to defend himself. In retribution the killer slew Gunnar's family while Gunnar was forced to watch (he was beaten down and subdued by the killer). Since his axe had be destroyed in the fight he no longer had a weapon with which to defend himself. So he set off to find a new life.

Gunnar was taken in by an assassin's guild on his 16th birthday. They taught him to fight, and to kill, as well as allowing him to perfect his blacksmith's craft. During the next 12 years Gunnar became the star assassin, even being able to take down people others had deemed unkillable due to "magical" properties. This is also when he discovered that he is wuchi, or a void. Nobody's powers or magic will work on or around him in a 50m radius.

Once he discovered this he also started thinking about his life and how many bad things he had done. Since that point he has been struggling with his guilt and tried to turn his life around. He has a vested interest in taking down the most terrible people in the world, but only engages them once hired to do so (to avoid having the guilt of the decision). He knows he is broken, but hopes to be complete one day.

Technology and gadgets:
His armor is made up of 3 layers. The inner layer is made up of Graphene ( to keep him safe with an extra layer of protection, also to protect his body from the shocks and servos in the second layer. The middle layer consists of a layer of high density shocks and servos at every joint to enhance his speed and mobility. The outer layer is made up of his special alloy, designed in a concave square shape to deflect blows rather than allow them to gain full impact.

His helmet is designed the same way as his armor, but has a few gadgets in it. The mouth area has a re-breather and air filtration system to allow him limited underwater missions and protection from poisonous gasses. The eyes have special goggles to allow for different vision modes (magnification, ultraviolet, infrared, night vision, and negative light). The forehead of the helmet has a 5" spike for deadly headbutts.

His axe is designed with his special allow, while it may not have a monomolecular edge yet, it is incredibly sharp (able to cut through cinder blocks with ease). It is also designed exactly like his master's killer's amazingly ornate axe.

Power Description:

Barbzilla has the power of Power Negation.  While it may not sound all that exciting it does have its benefits.  The main one being that it virtually levels the playing field for all in a 50m radius (50 meters in all directions from Barbzilla).  Any and all powers or magic cease to function inside this range.  This isn't an activated ability and is always on, but he is working on finding a way to limit his range to just himself.  While he hasn't been successful so far, he does have a lead in the form of a TaiChi grandmaster Wuji.  He wishes to be able to work together with other superheroes, and until he masters this ability he will not be able to (at least not physically close).

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