An descendant of one of the Great Dragons, and one of the two targets of The Stormhand during his initial trip into the world. Her name is Leah Waters, and a more appropriate last name is unlikely to exist, as she has inherited the powers of her Draconic Ancestor, the Devouring Maw of Frozen Seas.

Physical CharacteristicsEdit

Leah Waters - Aquarius
Eye Color:Blue
Skin Tone:Dark
Hair Color: Dyed Blue


Written from the perspective of The Stormhand.

Leah Waters... a prophetic name there. My ancestor tells me that this one is like me, but with much less of the Dragon Blood in her. However, she unlocked her power when she was still ten and has much more experience. As such, we are roughly evenly matched.

This one's ancestor was the Devouring Maw of Frozen Seas. A Great Dragon that was slain by a knight-turned-saint in England. It was a Great Dragon of Water, which was skilled at manipulating water's solid form. Its talent ,and perhaps some of its memories, have passed down its bloodline to... Aquarius. Astronomy still haunts me, apparently.

Waters location is unknown, however another of the Great Dragons has sensed her manipulating water. Some of my ancestor's mortal servants have noted a rise in missing-persons reports in the same region, almost down to the neighborhood. I am to check in on her, and discover what she is doing with her powers. If her ancestor's death scattered its memories down its bloodline, we could have a miniature Devouring Maw of Frozen Seas on our hands.


Written from the Perspective of The Stormhand.

Leah Waters's suspected powers are in the realms of:

Water Empowerment

Without the purity of Dragons' Blood I posses, Leah is much more limited in terms of power. However, her blood is tied to the oceans and lakes of our world, and she will likely grow in strength if she is capable of so much as standing in water. I should remain prepared to deflect water balloons away from her as well, as that might be enough to tip the balance in a fight.
Additionally, I don't know if she can use her powers upon water vapor or not. Gaseous materials tend to be harder to manipulate en-masse in my experience. Creating wind is exhausting, once you factor in how much air you have to move to get even a gentle breeze going. I can't imagine condensing water vapor will be much easier, especially without my brute strength.

Dark Ice Manipulation

Dark Ice was a favorite of Leah's ancestor, although like all Great Dragons it could call upon any element to a degree, not just its affinity. I should presume that Aquarius is posessed of the same skills her ancestor did. Her ancestor often created monsters of ice, which she rode around in like her own body, as proxy-warriors. She could also create armor and other pieces of equipment from the destructive elemental ice. Sadly, I am incapable of countering with fire, or with Pure Ice, as my affinity does not line in those elements, and I am not strong enough to work outside of my affinity as of yet.


From the Perspective of The Stormhand.

Aquarius prefers black and blue clothing, based on the limited inteligence my ancestor's mortal servants have found. Doctor Google has failed me in locating her picture.

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